Airlines continue to do battle when it comes to in-flight safety video in order to provide something that is both informative and entertaining. Many use guest stars including actress Betty White, hobbits and even Sports Illustrated models. Air New Zealand’s have easily been amongst the best in-flight safety videos out there often receiving millions of views on YouTube by people who may never even fly with the carrier.

GoPro HD Cameras

The latest video from Air New Zealand was released last month and the New Zealand flag carrier made use of GoPro HD action cameras to shoot images containing championship surfers set against a backdrop of luscious surfing scenery. The buff bodies of the surfers went a long way towards gaining passenger attention whilst at the same time also passing along the rules of the air.

Surfers from around the world took part

Air New Zealand shot its “Surfing Safari” safety video at various iconic surfing sports in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The video features a cast of international surfers that include Brazilian world champion Gabriel Medina, Australian three-time world champion Mick Fanning, Sports Illustrated Model and surfer Anastasia Ashley and a variety of other big names from the sport.

They look great

The video shows the star surfers hanging out on the beach and looking great whilst explaining the rules about everything from putting on oxygen masks to the proper way passengers need to brace during an emergency. The surfers also explain how to set gadgets to airplane mode as well as the rules when it comes to smoking. New Zealand’s number one female surfer, Paige Hareb turns her surfboard into a whiteboard to illustrate the exact location of the emergency exits. Mike Fanning says that life jackets are really easy to put on whilst surfing a huge wave and looking straight into a GoPro camera.