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Have you flown with Air New Zealand or another airline recently? We’d love to hear you thoughts in the form of a short review. By sharing your thoughts you’ll be helping your fellow web users to make informed choices when booking their next flights.

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I flew with this airline last Year Christmas for the 1st time. Usually I travel with Virgin but I have to say Air New Zealand is a great airline. We were traveling from LHR to LAX and the service we received as a family was A* – no fault the food is nice and journey to LAX was smooth. This year I’m flying again to LAX and I chose to fly with Air New Zealand . If I have to compare to Virgin who I used to travel with i would say Air New Zealand comes first and then Virgin.

Mr B
October 2014

I flew with Air New Zealand on a trip to NZ and I have to say they are by far my favourite airline. I’ve always hated flying but this long haul flight literally flew by! I managed to watch 2 films on the trip to LA that had only just been out at the cinema and then watched 3 more on my way to Auckland. I also managed to get some really top notch food which set me up for a nice sleep. The staff were also incredibly friendly from check in to landing. I really couldn’t recommend them enough.

Michela Dyer
February 2013

I took an internal flight with Air New Zealand from Auckland to Wellington and everything was fine. To be honest I hardly had the chance to get a feel for the airline because as it seemed no sooner had the seatbelt light come off, it came back on for us to land! A really quick flight but incredible scenery as you come in to land at Wellington. What a beautiful country and can’t wait to come back. A little tip for anyone who likes beer – you really must try Mac Gold. A lovely drop!

Jim Mallia
November 2012

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