Air New Zealand are taking economy class to new levels with their unique Economy Skycouch™. Air New Zealand says it is simply the best long haul flying experience out there. It’s a trio of 3 economy seats that create a space for you to use in whichever way you like. Maybe to relax, stretch and put your legs up, or perhaps space for the children to use as a play area.

The Sky Economy Skycouch™

With a touch of a button the footrest come out from under each seat which creates a flat space to the row in front of you. When you book the Skycouch™ it comes complete with a pillow and blanket, so it really is like having your very own couch in the sky.

Skycouch Foldout

The Premium Economy Spaceseat™

The premium economy Spaceseat™ have been designed with fixed back shells preventing passengers from reclining into the personal space of other passengers seated behind them. The centre seats which Air New Zealand calls Inner space have been designed to offer a high level of privacy and the space is engineered so that couples seated together can combine and snuggle or dine at a common table.

The sets of two window seats which the airline has dubbed Outer Space are angled so that individual passengers have the ultimate in privacy.

Air New Zealand has also introduced a number of add on’s designed to offer much more comfort to passengers flying long haul or even short haul for that matter. The airline has fitted a slip on pillow over the winged head rest in economy with the specific aim of stopping the nuisance of pillows always falling down, and eliminating the need for neck cushions. Another innovation is a bean bag style cushion which allows premium economy passengers to create their own sleeping positions rather than being confined by an uncomfortable leg rest.

Air New Zealand has introduced new menus with more food choices and snack and beverage ordering through the seat touch screen. Also being rolled out is a new and extensive in flight entertainment system.

“Areas like galleys and bathrooms have long been neglected in aircraft refurbishments. We want customers to realise we have thought about bringing the fun back into these areas too, with design themes including a library, glitzy chandeliers and two bathrooms will even include a window so you can admire the view!” added an Air New Zealand’s spokesman.